AWP | The Empress added to Steam workshop

The “Tarot” collection is almost as popular as the Asiimov, Cyrex and Hyper Beast skins.
The users “Zaphk”, “OniLolz” and “2Minds” recently submitted a new skin to the community workshop – the AWP | The Empress.
It might look similar to a skin you already know – that is because it matches the theme with the AK-47 | The Empress.
Also, out of the 9 skins in the “Tarot” collection, two have been added to the game already: the AK-47 | The Empress and the AWP | Mortis (in the workshop named “AWP | Death”).
Besides those 9 skins already published, the designers are currently working on a P90 skin.

One of the artworks submitted to the Steam workshop.

Here is the AWP in-game:

In-game screenshot of the AWP | The Empress on de_dust2 (idle animation)
And the inspect animation of the AWP.

Also: If the AWP gets added, a full black scope is possible. Check this GIF showing different float values out, which was uploaded to the workshop.

The float range on the AWP will most likely go from 0.00 to 1.00 – which means it is possible to get the skin entirely clean or with a complety black scope.

This could be very important for the skin price – in case you did not know, the AWP Asiimov costs in high float values (0.95 or higher) more than some low floats AWP Asiimovs cost. This is called “Blackiimov”, everything from the float value 0.90 to 0.95 is called “Fake Blackiimov” which also costs more than average float Field-Tested AWP Asiimovs.

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