Trading Sites

This page gives you a quick overview of all the available CS:GO Trade Bots that offer you a wide variety of skins for your skins.

They are a double-egded sword though – you can make more profit by trading with other users on Steam, but the risk of getting scammed by legit Trade Bots is pretty much non-existing. There are some clone sites that look like the legit site, but if you log-in on their site your account will get hi-jacked and all trade offers will be declined and sent to a bot of the scammer. Always double check all trade offers + never log-in on suspicious site.

All sites listed below are LEGIT. However, as I said before, there are some clones of them out there phishing user informations.

Click on the images to get redirected to the trading sites.


The most popular trade bot. Sadly, they recently increased the fees to up to 20% per trade. Plus, for new users it is hard to distinguish between Bots and User skins.

I personally wouldn’t call CS.Money the best trade bot currently. It certainly is the most used trading site, it also has the biggest inventory, but there are some reasons that made me use it less and less.
The fees increased by a lot in the past months and the “user market” leads to the fact, that many people contact the support because they overpaid a not very special skin by a lot because they couldn’t tell the user skins apart from the bot.
Bot skins usually get stacked for easier overview, user skins don’t get stacked, which makes it appear like there are no items on the bot. It is recommended to activate the “Pro Version”, set the “Trade Hold” slider to 8 days and select “Items” 🡒 “Bot items”. Also, check first what you would get on other trading sites. My trust in CS.Money decreased during the last months…


My favorite site currently. Just 5% fees, a pretty decent selection of skins and no user market. But careful: Disgusting inventory system

Loot.Farm really suprised me, it still hasn’t removed the Playerunknown Battlegrounds tab, although the CS:GO Trading improved by a lot on that site. Their fees are low.
It may seem like the items are overpriced on the site, but your items are also worth way more than on other sites or even on the Steam market. Both sides are similarly overpriced, so no worries there.
There is one major problem on this site. If you buy an item with an active trade lock, you need to withdraw it on the day it gets available for trade. Else it gets automatically sold to the site for 95% of the price of the item. This is probably why the site can’t compete with CS.Money in terms of active users.


CS.Deals – Was offline for a long time, now they came back better than before. Also, they offer items from multiple games: TF2, DOTA2, Rust and H1Z1. Oh, and CS:GO.

CS.Deals is decent, but their inventory is too small. Also, it’s possible to not receive an item you bought if the prices gets unstable after you bought it. I recommend to go for tradeable skins on the bots. If you do that, it is one of the best trading sites currently.

Same Developer as CS.Deals, same site but in a different color (yellow instead to the way cooler looking green on CS.Deals)

Not much to say about the site. It’s from the same developer as CS.Deals, and therefore it is pretty much the exact same page.
Can recommend it!


CS.Trade has really unstable prices currently. The site works pretty great, but has no tradelocked items on it.

This site offers very low fees, but the prices are a bit incorrect. They seem really outdated. Plus, due to the fact that there is no virtual inventory system, you only have a small variety of skins to choose from. And some of them were on that site for months now…
If you click on the image, you can use my reflink, which gives you 2% bonus on your first trade. Click here if you don’t want to use the reflink system. has still a lot of potential. There is no virtual inventory on the site, the fees are pretty big.

Although it has much more potential, I don’t want to exclude it from that list, for completion purposes. It is decent, but the approx. 15% fees and the lack of a virtual inventory makes the site lose in side by side comparison to sites like Loot.Farm, it is although recommend to check the prices of your item(s) on every trading site, and go for that site, that offers you the best deal. is weird, to say the least. Some items have 50% fees, others have 5% fees. Compare prices before trading.

This site has a lot of cool features, but some major issues. Some CS:GO items have up to 50% fees for no reason. Also, some items on the bot are incredibly overpriced. I can not really recommend this site. It is legit, but I prefer other sites due to their better transparency about the fees when trading. The virtual inventory system works the following: You can buy items with trade hold, although you need to withdraw them 14 days after they become tradeable, else they will get sold automatically.